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Meet the Dietitians

Alli Williams, RD, LD, CNSC

Allison Williams, Registered Dietitian Nutritionist
Kate Webb, Registered Dietitian Nutritionist
Paige Becker, Registered Dietitian Nutritionist

Kate completed her Bachelors of Science in Food & Nutrition through University of Alabama. Prior to that, Kate completed a Bachelors of Science in Applied Exercise & Health through Purdue University. It was through her career as a personal trainer that Kate realized there was a greater need for healthy, sustainable and weight-inclusive nutrition support that wasn't restrictive. Kate has experience working in an eating disorder treatment facility, as well as outpatient care with both adolescents and adults. Kate works from a HAES® perspective with her clients and specializes in Intuitive Eating, disordered eating/eating disorders, sports nutrition, prenatal/postpartum nutrition and improved health through functional nutrition. Kate takes an individualized and longevity-focused approach working with her clients to ensure that they feel confident with their nutrition & lifestyle throughout all seasons of life! In her free time, Kate enjoys adventuring the great outdoors with her husband, daughter and their doggo.

Kate Webb, RDN, LD

Alli is an alumni from California State University, Chico with a Bachelor’s Degree in Dietetics. Her background and experiences include clinical nutrition as well as nutrition counseling; specifically with those experiencing disordered eating patterns. Her passions include aiding those in regaining a more positive relationship with food and their bodies.
Alli’s clinical nutrition experience allows her to assist you in navigating a medical condition that indicates therapeutic dietary changes. Alli will provide an appropriate and effective plan of care that neutralizes diet language and is rooted in the Intuitive Eating and HAES® paradigms.
Alli enjoys traveling, cooking and exploring the pacific northwest!

Paige Becker, RDN, LD

Paige is originally from Pittsburgh, PA, and received her degree in Nutritional Sciences from Penn State University in 2015.  She practices from an anti-diet, Health At Every Size perspective, and heavily emphasizes principles of Intuitive Eating, self-compassion, and somatics in her work. Paige is a major proponent of the healing capacity of art, and finds that The Artist’s Way approach goes along nicely with Intuitive Eating principles in healing clients’ relationships with food, their bodies, and themselves. .

As well as working as a dietitian, Paige is a part-time ceramic artist. Due to the part-time nature of her nutrition work, she is no longer taking on highly acute eating disorder clients, but can see clients who are medically stable with disordered eating and/or weight and body image struggles. She also enjoys working with people with ADHD since she has personal experience with this temperament herself. 

When she is not working with clients or sculpting clay, Paige enjoys gardening, eating tasty food, nature walks, biking around town, singing poorly, and spending time with friends.

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